Repair & Restoration

Rediscovering Billiards’ Timeless Elegance with DFW: A beautifully restored billiard table is more than just a game piece—it’s a treasured heirloom, a conversation starter, and an investment that can pay dividends. Whether you’re looking to rejuvenate a table with sentimental value passed down through generations, enhance the centerpiece of your entertainment space, or even invest in the profitable venture of restoring and reselling, DFW Billiard Professionals stand unmatched in expertise. Dive into a world where each restoration not only revives functionality but also rekindles stories, memories, and intrinsic value. Trust in our craftsmanship to transform every game into an exquisite experience.

A game of billiards is not merely a pastime; it’s an experience. And a worn or damaged table can detract from the joy of the game. DFW Billiard Professionals specializes in ensuring that every game you play is on a table that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Common Repair Scenarios: The wear and tear of time, combined with inexperienced movers, can lead to a myriad of table issues: from broken legs to scuffed rails. However, damage isn’t always due to mishandling. Time can wear down even the most cherished tables, leading to the need for rejuvenation.

Customized Services: Whether it’s re-leveling a slightly off-kilter table or undertaking a complete wood refinish, we’re equipped to handle all nuances of table repair. Sentimental heirlooms, or simply tables that owners have grown attached to, can be renewed, revitalized, and restored to their former glory.

Getting an Estimate: Since the intricacies and nuances of each repair job vary, our online calculator might not cover this service. But worry not! Getting an estimate is as simple as texting images of the damage or area of concern to 469-214-0043. Alternatively, a direct conversation with us can provide guidance on what might be required.

Customer-First Approach: At DFW, the customer’s needs take paramount importance. While we are experts in our field, we always respect the wishes of the table owner. We pair our recommendations with practicality and cost-effectiveness, ensuring you’re not just satisfied, but delighted.

Restoration Mastery: It’s not just about fixing; it’s about reviving. In an industry where few dare to tread the path of restoration, we take pride in our expertise. From bringing heirloom tables back to life to reinvigorating centerpieces of homes and businesses, we find unmatched joy in rejuvenation.

Choose DFW Billiard Professionals for a harmonious blend of functionality, appearance, and nostalgia. Play on a table that tells a story, both old and renewed.

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