Certified Pool Table Sales

Making the choice to purchase a pool table is thrilling, but it’s essential to know the landscape. At DFW Billiard Professionals, we aim to redefine the experience by providing unparalleled value with our certified pre-owned tables.

1. Quality Cloth Assurance:
While 90% of our tables boast fresh cloth, the remaining 10% retain their existing ones, not out of neglect but due to their impeccable condition. Such factors are baked into the pricing to guarantee our customers the best value.

2. Battling Depreciation:
The massive depreciation rate of pool tables is a little-known fact. Their daunting size often makes last-minute sales a necessity during relocations, leading to high-quality tables available at a fraction of the original price. This market dynamic benefits discerning buyers looking for top-tier tables at unbeatable prices.

3. The Pre-Owned Advantage:
We champion the purchase of pre-owned over new tables. Besides the significant savings, our certification process ensures product quality on par with brand-new tables. The primary requirements for most are straightforward: a beautiful, top-performing table that doesn’t break the bank. Our pre-owned tables offer just that, making them an irresistible proposition.

4. Inclusive Delivery and Installation:
Every certified pre-owned table from DFW Billiard Professionals comes with a bonus: our expert delivery and installation services. This isn’t just about convenience; it’s a testament to the holistic experience we offer. Buyers can rest easy, knowing that a reliable, insured company handles their prized possessions with utmost care. This service eliminates the guesswork and risks associated with hiring external help or DIY attempts.

5. A Trusted Experience:
Our tagline, “a new table experience at a pre-owned price,” encapsulates our commitment. While we acknowledge the allure of new tables, especially for specific needs, we focus on serving the broader audience. Our pre-owned tables are a testament to quality, savings, and trust.

To sum it up, DFW Billiard Professionals stands as a beacon for all pool table enthusiasts, ensuring they get quality, affordability, and peace of mind in every purchase.

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