Same Location Move

Every Inch Matters At DFW Billiard Professionals, we recognize that a same-location move is never as simple as it seems. Whether you’re transitioning from upstairs to downstairs, from an indoor ambiance to the outdoor freedom of a patio, or relocating to your garage, every inch and angle presents its own unique challenge.

Transparent Estimation: Each in-home move is distinct. Our specialized online estimator, the first of its kind in the US, provides a clear, upfront quote tailored for your specific indoor transition. No surprises. Pure transparency.

Effortless Booking: Our streamlined online system is tailored to capture intricate details of your in-home move. A room upstairs? A tight corner hallway? We gather all these specifics to pre-plan and ensure seamless execution.

Predictable Arrival: Our crew, with a precise ETA, comes ready to navigate the unique challenges of moving within your home, ensuring minimal disruption.

Detailed Walk-Through: Prior to the move, we conduct a thorough assessment, noting the logistics of your space and the table’s current condition. This proactive approach ensures both safety and perfection in every phase.

Clear Communication: In the world of same-location moves, intricacies abound. We break down the process, inviting you to be involved, and ensuring you’re comfortable and informed.

Skilled Transition: Moving within the same premises requires a different set of skills. Whether it’s a tight corner or a delicate staircase, our team guarantees a safe, precise transition of your table.

Craftsmanship and Education: Experience our passion. While moving, we welcome your curiosity, explaining the nuances of your table’s setup and offering insights into optimizing your in-home billiards experience.

With the same location move, each step, each room transition, and every angle shift matters. At DFW Billiard Professionals, we don’t just move; we transform spaces, ensuring your table is perfectly positioned, ready for play, and shining as your home’s centerpiece.

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